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About Us

Our story began when we met at a west coast swing dance and decided to become practice partners to improve our dancing. Along the way, we fell in love and got married.

Now we want to share our love of the dance with you – by making it fun and easy for you to learn to dance. We offer a friendly, relaxed learning environment to get you comfortable enough to have lots of fun on the dance floor.


About West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing is a versatile partner dance that’s perfect for parties, weddings or nightclubs. It can be danced to a wide variety of music, including Top 40, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, and even Country!

This variety in music, along with its focus on having fun with a partner, is why so many people who try west coast swing end up loving it. We certainly did!

You can tell when teaching is from the heart.  Michael and Amy pay their students focused attention, and show true dedication to helping us grow as dancers.  Their love of dancing is contagious.  Michael and Amy's one-on-one class has become a highlight of my week!

Heather M.

Michael and Amy teach connection, musicality and creativity.  Once you get beyond basic rhythms and patterns you are encouraged to explore options and develop your own style.  They create a welcoming and encouraging environment in their classes.  Best of all, their classes are fun and for anyone that wants to learn to dance West Coast Swing!

Dani W.

"We took the beginner's class to West Coast Swing with Michael and Amy in late 2014 and we really enjoyed our lessons. We didn't have any dancing experience prior to the lessons but Michael and Amy make the whole learning experience easy to follow and a lot of fun. Our beginner's class was fairly small which is perfect for total beginners like us. Everyone in the class was super friendly and we get to love West Coast Swing so much that we asked Michael and Amy to be our choreographer for our wedding this year! They were very helpful and accommodating from beginning to end and we can't thank them enough for making our first dance a successful one.
Michael and Amy are fantastic instructors and we highly recommend their West Coast Swing lessons.

Evan and Sonia H.

Amy and Michael took me from someone who had never even seen West Coast Swing to someone who can have lots of fun with the dance and is comfortable enough to take risks. Every class we learned new steps, as well as some great philosophy (such as "it’s always the leader’s fault if anything goes wrong" - I like that one :). They emphasize connection, dancing with different partners, and did I mention fun?

Katherina B.
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