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Do I need to pre-register?

Pre-registration is not necessary, but we’d appreciate it if you do. This helps us balance our classes so you can spend more time dancing and practicing. You can pre-register by sending an email to and pre-pay via e-transfer, or you can pay on the first day of classes.

On the first day of a new series, please show up a little early and complete a short registration form. If you haven’t pre-paid, you can submit your payment at that time (cash or cheque).

What should I wear to class?

Just about anything you’re comfortable in that doesn’t restrict your movement. Many people come directly from work and don’t change clothes before class; they just bring dance shoes. We like to wear jeans and a t-shirt.

What kind of shoes do I need?

Again, it’s all about your comfort. You don’t want shoes that will come off easily (like flip-flops or sandals), nor do you want something with a heavy tread that will stick to the floor and prevent you from turning.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Absolutely not. We rotate partners frequently so you’ll get a chance to dance with lots of people.

What if I bring my own partner and don't want to switch?

To really enjoy the dance, and to become a better West Coast Swing dancer overall, it’s best to learn how to dance with multiple dance partners. That’s why we encourage our students to rotate partners. You’ll learn more quickly, and become part of a great dance community.

(Also, people tend to be much nicer to others who aren’t their life partners. Trust us; we’re married. We know.) That being said, we won’t force you to rotate partners if you don’t want to. We want you to feel comfortable.

I might miss a class. Will I be able to catch up?

Learning to dance is all about repetition and practice, practice, practice. Every class includes a review of the previous week’s lesson, and we’ll assist students individually whenever possible. You should be able to miss a class and still progress with everyone else.

Do you teach private lessons?

Yes, we have openings at 9:30 pm on Wednesdays, or we can work out other times and locations if that doesn’t work. Feel free to ask us before or after class, email us at, or phone us at 604-880-2302.

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